Retainers - a patient's best friend

Retainers - A patient's best friend

February 15th, 2019

If I asked you to wear a belt each night and guaranteed that you’d never gain weight, would you wear it? Or if you could put a lotion on your face each night and never wrinkle, would you be happy to comply?  Well great news – we can do just that to maintain healthy, straight teeth– with Retainers.

Teeth, like everything else, can and will change with time.  (Again, think wrinkles). That’s natural and normal. But we want to make the most of your investment in a beautiful smile. That’s where retainers play a critical role.

Types of retainers:

Bonded Retainers– these are typically bonded “glued” to the lower canines to maintain alignment of the lower front teeth.  They are NOT permanent, however. They can come loose if not properly cared for. We recommend these stay bonded for a lifetime unless a lower nighttime retainer is faithfully worn

Removable Retainers– Clear, plastic retainers are made to fit and hold all of the teeth. These are typically worn full time for at least 1 month, then just to sleep at night. As long as your retainer fits and is worn to sleep, your teeth should stay straight.

So when asked “How long should I wear my retainer?” - the answer is always “For as long as you want your teeth to be straight”

So wear your retainer each night and rest assured you know you’ll always have the smile you’ve always wanted.

And remember to always Keep on Smilin'